M2M Wireless announces
another Industry First...

CTEK Wireless Routers

GPRS Data Plans now available in addition to world class CMSA Network Access.

Public Static IP's Available
M2M Wireless is a leader in offering Cellular Data Service for CDMA modems. Recent technical advances in data communication along with aggressively priced data plans are fueling the growth of Machine-to-Machine applications. With a variety of technologies and associated services plans, selecting the right hardware and carrier is critical. M2M Wireless offers multiple hardware and data plan choices designed to optimize performance at the lowest possible cost to your company.

Online billing and support tools provide visibility to your organization . Usage can be effectively monitored and managed. Custom reports may be defined to provide alert reporting or to allow sub customer billing to occur.

With experience in AMR, SCADA, Telematics/VLS, Vending, Water management and Security, we offer the expertise to integrate communication hardware and software with your existing applications.