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The complexity of managing devices grows exponentially with the quantity of units deployed.  M2M Wireless recognizes the challenges associated with larger networks and has designed a range of unique and purposeful tools to simplify the process.      Some of our unique tools are listed below:

Advanced Network Management – M2M Visual, provides customers with an advanced mapping technology which allows devices not only to be physically pinpointed on a map,  but to also provide direct access to information from the router and customer endpoint equipment.   Operating temperature, voltage, signal strength, total data received/transmitted, and  up-time of the router are accessed directly from our account management portal.  In addition information can be passed and alarms triggered from the system being monitored.  For example,  if a customer were monitoring refrigerated trucks,  alarms could be triggered based on box temperature rising above a certain level.   The representation of this data would appear on a map which would quickly  be identifiable as a problem by the color of the associated pin.  M2M Visual Map

Geofencing – To combat against device theft and location of misplaced equipment,  devices can be “fenced in” or “fenced out” of user specified areas.  This tool will assist in the quick location of misplaced or stolen devices.

Usage Monitoring and control –  Advance Fraud controls and usage monitoring allow customers to quickly see lines which are using the most data in a graphical format,  and quickly drill down to problem devices or potential fraudulent activity.  A series of controls allow our users to set thresholds for alerting that can be set customer wide or at an individual device level.  Devices can be set to suspend at any alert level automatically.   In addition we have hardware level suspend capability which will sense overage prior to the carrier notification.    Identification of problem devices is immediate and simple.

Online Billing Review – Billing is 100 percent paper free,  information can easily be downloaded by our customers into .csv files for import into our customers AP systems or Excel for quick analysis.    In addition all payments and adjustments are available for review online.

Online Payments – We provide customers with the option of processing their payment electronically via credit card or Echeck.  We further simplify the process be providing AutoPay,  a process which will automatically debit the customers credit card or bank account each month directly, thus avoiding the hassles of processing invoices.

Device Provisioning – Customers can activate, deactivate and suspend devices directly from our Account Management portal.   The process is simple and straight forward.